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Poop cleanup for most occurrences.
Orange County Poop Cleanup

For individual, family, and business needs, Orange County poop cleanup information around the clock.





Orange County poop cleanup information for those families and businesses in need of a professional cleaner.

A political designation created by European settlers. Geographically part of the Northern Hemisphere. Current governing body: Orange County Government


Poop may refer to:

  • On this web page, when we refer to poop, we mean feces, animal, bird, cat, dog, goat, human, pigeon and so on.
  • We may mean "being pooped" in terms of our efforts to bring things into order; or, we may be referring to our energy helping to bring order to your place. We know about being pooped.
  • We also know about poop cleanup, poop removal, poop disinfection, poop contamination, and so forth.

Our past clients worked their way into an emarrassing and unbearable situation. We know about illness, both physical and mental. Few of us live without one, the other, or both in varying degrees over time.

Yes, we have cleaned human poop from residences. The circumstanaces leading to these sorts of contaminatin often have an explanation. Sometimes no explanation follows our arrival or departure when done. So it is.

We don't make judgements. We remove poop and then clean and then disinfect. We remove furnishings, carpet, carpet padding, and more. We can work with one cleaner or several, even more. Two poop cleanup technicians seems to work best. It's a matter of our client's preferences.


In the cleanup business it cost more money to market and remain in business and we find in other types of business. The reason for this is that poop cleanup is an infectious waste type of cleanup. As such it does not have a great demand for its services, which means it is harder to stay in business without charging enough money for an individual to stay in business.

Just the cost of staying in business runs in the thousands of dollars each year. I must pay for website domain names and these are renewed each year. There is the cost the computers. There is the cost of the Internet hookup. And I have not even begun to talk about vehicle fees and expenses as well as insurance for vehicles and business. I must pay for infectious waste insurance cleaning as well as carrier bond and pay for my yearly trauma scene practitioner license.

So at this point I began to add time lost just to spend writing these pieces of information for each website.

At the root of the problem is the Sheriff coroner department. The sheriff corners corner employees have a monopoly over blood cleanup in the county. So for those of us that remain in the blood cleanup business, we must market heavily to find any work at all. As a result we, mostly myself I gather, have moved our business operations and poop cleanup as well as other types of infectious waste cleanup.

Poop cleanup has a stigma attached to it. For recorded history poop cleanup has fallen into the domain of duties carried out by slaves and low-paid wage earners.